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      Blog :: 11-2011

      Ballow and Hutchinson Realty Group, Inc. gives back

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      by Mike Ballow

      We'rehappy to announce the launch of the Ballow and Hutchinson Realty Group, Inc. Help out our Schools Program. This newprogramallows us tohelpan importantpartof ourcommunity; the students in ourlocalschools.Aftersome meetings and getting thego-ahead from the powers that be, we're pleased to be able toshare thedetails of the program.

      Mission Statement: We are a Taunton based Real Estate company that would like to help our local schools with their classroom supply needs and/or funding of student activity accounts. There are many items that are needed in our local classrooms and schools. We hope this program is a way to help meet these needs.

      Beginning with contracts signed from 10/11/2011 through the remainder of the 2011-2012 school year, our company will donate 5% of its' earnings for any property thatin Taunton that is either bought or sold through any of our agents. The donation will be made on behalf of both the client and our company. The buyer or seller may choose the school to which the donation will be made. The property that is either bought or sold, along with the chosen school, must be located in the City of Taunton. The donation can be made for classroom supplies or put into the schools student activity account. Student activity accounts are used for student programs at the discretion of the school principal. Please contact Mike Ballow of Ballow and Hutchinson Realty Group, Inc. at (508) 823-9400 with any questions.

      What's going on in the Taunton Real Estate market?

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      by Mike Ballow

      Beloware thesales figures for the 3rd quarter of 2011. From my last update, youll see that the number of units in each category are down from the 2nd quarter. The silver lining to this update is that as of today there are 19 U/A (sale pending) and 21 SOLD single family homes in Taunton for the month of October!

      As a reminder from my last post:

      If you like to follow the local Real Estate market (and if you're like most people,Im sure you do), our blog will provide you with quarterly market statistics for SOLD single family homes, multi-family homes, and condominiums inTaunton, MA. The data below is compiled from theMLS Property Information Network for the 2nd quater of 2011. If you'd like to see the market data for your particular community in Massachusetts please send me an email and I'd be happyto prepare it for you.

      Use the following links to view single family homes, multi-family homes, and condominiums that are currently for sale inTaunton, MA. As always, if you have ANY real estate related questions or needs, please feel free to give me a call!

      Single Family Homes SOLDin Taunton, MA for the period July 1, - September 30, 2011

      Price Range # of listings Avg. Days on market Average Sale Price Average List Price SP:LP Ratio AverageOrig Price SP:OP Ratio
      $0 - $49,999 0 0 $0 $0 0 $0 0
      $50,000 - $99,999 6 101 $67,667 $92,417 75 $98,267 70
      $100,000 - $149,999 5 179 $120,375 $130,336 93 $147,796 84
      $150,000 - $199,999 23 109 $172,063 $179,817 96 $188,126 92
      $200,000 - $249,999 14 124 $224,368 $229,218 98 $241,326 93
      $250,000 - $299,999 11 109 $270,718 $278,373 97 $283,636 96
      $300,000 - $349,999 2 198 $332,000 $316,950 105 $334,450 101
      $350,000 - $399,999 0 0 $0 $0 0 $0 0
      $400,000 - $449,999 0 0 $0 $0 0 $0 0
      Total Properties 61 Avg. 120 $192,596 $200,771 95 $210,212 91
      2011 MLS Property Information Network, Inc.

      Condominiums SOLD in